“Simple Living

High Thinking”

Community Foundations with Values for Success

Chocar los cinco



Live Free!

Mission Gratitude, founded by divine inspiration to support superior talents and causes founded on principles and values, delivered to the community a mission of love, faith, and service.



Work with the gift of kindness, solidarity, and mutual cooperation to which humanity is called, promote and project social and humanitarian values ​​to leave a mark through the passage of our lives on earth, as people of good in the society, as community leaders and examples of our home, family, and business.



Based on the principles of love.

We promote expressions and manifestations of Gratitude, such as action and the fundamental attitude of good communication in the relationship with others. Personal, social, and business development.



Recognize talent and cooperation through service to expand in a community of principles and values ​​with social action.



Grow a mission of strength, love, and faith that honors the greater glory of God's truth through personal transformation. Each one fulfilling with the action of gratitude his own mission of life, loving his neighbor and giving honor to God in everything. Contributing our knowledge, experiences, and testimonies through a dignified spiritual life.

Welcome Goodwill Ambassadors