OFFICIAL APPOINTMENT / Official Appointment

It is an honor for the members of the Corporate of THE WORLD PRESS AGENCY member of the Apcsx Group, to make public knowledge of the present that governs from today September 18, 2021, as General Director of THE WORLD PRESS AGENCY HONDURAS https: // and to Ms.: Alejandra Fuentes, Fuentes, Businesswoman, Great Social Communicator and Philanthropist of Honduran nationality.

Alejandra Fuentes is also a Writer, Publicist, Community Promoter, Master Business Coach with specialties in Neuro-linguistic Programming, Leadership, Social Development, Business Entrepreneurship. As a consultant and advisor, she is specialized in the area of ​​Personal Development.

As an Entrepreneur, she Presides over ADF Enterprises of Florida, its ADF Brand "Attitude, Development and Training", Promoter and Socioeconomic Cultural Tourism Leader and founder of the Hispano-American Network for Community Entrepreneurship Development. My company is from USAGC / USA. GLOBAL CONNECT / VIRTUAL PUBLISHING.

She is also Founder-Community FVE-Global Movement of Social and Community Leadership-FVE Movement Socio-Cultural Miami and Mission Gratitude. C.E.O - Community Fundamentals with Values ​​for Success. Community of Integral Development and Social Projection. That promotes, practices, and expands values ​​in society, as an organization in Integral Development and Social Projection, fostering the foundations and values ​​through exemplary service and leadership actions and attitudes - established in Miami USA. She also founds the "Gratitude Prize" as a sign of the absolute value of love and service, a legacy in the community Integrating every union worthy of being a model that inspires to create evolutionary changes at the Social level.

Great woman and human being whose foundations are: Love God Family. For Alejandra Human Values ​​are and are in the attitude and personal action, taking into account that everything she does and projects is born from the first and great company "EL HOGAR FAMILIAR", where she started everything that today is part of her work, her effort, trajectory, and his living legacy.

As a writer, Alejandra publishes her book GRATITUDE, generating a positive impact through the expression of universal gratitude.

Valuable professional thanks to her deep preparation that has allowed her to get closer and to create connections thanks to her sympathy, simplicity, and people skills. Competitive and collaborative, member of the Apcsx Business Group.

She extends the present for its dissemination and support to the management of it.

New York September 18, 2021

Rossie K. Torres

Image and Protocol Manager


Apcsx Business Group

The United States of America.

Alejandra Fuentes shares her experience and knowledge as an instructor to become a promoter of the community.

Alejandra Fuentes is a community leader who promotes values and human behavior activist, leading the field of Personal Improvement and Success in Integral Development.

Her job is to develop events, programs, and projects that promote the Action of Community Social.

Foundations with Values for Excellence

FVE Community

Integral Development and Social Projection.

To learn more about Alejandra Fuentes and Comunidad FVE, we invite you to view her social pages where you will find information about her services.

Alejandra Fuentes a leader who is projected with her community.

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